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A Week of Pictures and an Inquiry!

It's been an interesting week with lots of ups and downs but something that became clear to me with the intensity of work and a pandemic (related being that I work at the NYS Dept of Health and am involved in a Surge Case Investigation Initiative) was that I am feeling drained and out of balance. I have been practicing meditation on and off for many years and while running a meditation program at work, found myself consistently meditating with a supportive community. Sadly that came to end when the pandemic started, don't get me started, it's a frustrating and sad story. So here is my question, would you be interested in joining a 1/2 hour weekly meditation group on Zoom. If so, are there better or worse times for you?

And now for the pictures, these are the highlights of my week in images: successful sourdough bread baking, celebrating Hanukah, a hike with good friends, dancing around the kitchen with Sonja while Carl fries the latkes, latke with yogurt and apple sauce and a yummy vegan mac and cheese! I will have to create a separate page for storing recipes. Coming soon...

For some reason having a hard time posting all the pics, will try again later...

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