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Heading into a dark winter

Hi InspiredW/La community -- I'm testing out the posting feature and sharing a thought on this December morning (BTW: super easy once you create a WiX account).

With many months of dark days and pandemic isolation ahead, I have been thinking about what we will do when the world opens again. Gathering with friends and family is number one on the list, followed by travel. Until this prolonged period of Pause I had not fully appreciated how important is has been for me to travel - to find rest and inspiration that I can bring home as fuel for my daily life.

We met this Goat during our trip to Alaska last year and I know that we will cross paths again. Such a magnificent place, which will be kept pristine thanks to the denial of the Pebble Mine (see NRDC link below), is worth visiting at least once in your life. For me I think it will be many.

What are you looking forward to doing once the pandemic is tamed? Share a photo that represents this wish so we can all share in the inspiration that you derive!

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